Q: Who are you?

A: I'm fatsby, my real name is [REDACTED], I'm 15, from Vietnam.

Q: Which cheats do you use / used to use

A: Lmaobox, Omni-Aim, 5DollarCheats, Purves.cc, wanheda.red, 420Cheats, coasting, Mirror, Luckycharms.

Q: Tell me about you

A: I make meme videos and gun sync on YT, also some HvH media, I like to play CSGO, TF2, Minecraft, just typical games that you would found anyone playing it,
I used to be a TF2 closet cheater and played in tournaments for Chordus, i'm more into CSGO now (cringe), I'm currently an administrator at wanheda.red.

Q: Can I have your Lmaobox configs / Wanheda configs?

A: Lmaobox, sure; Wanheda, no; dm me on Discord for it.

more will be added.